Puppy Age Appropriate Testing


For the time that your puppy is with us, we make sure we do age appropriate activities that will help to set a foundation for you as his or her lifetime guardian to build upon so that you both will enjoy each other. These types of activities are what sets pups raised in a home environment apart from those raised in a kennel. It is important to realize that just like humans, certain activities and experiences will impact how pups react as adults. We try to make sure that your new family member is exposed to everyday sounds and activity from birth to the day he comes home with you . Here are some of the things we do:

Super Dog Program- This is the first structured program that your pup will participate in. We feel that it gives them a bit of a "head-start". We start this on day three, ending on day 16. Click on the link for a full explanation of this program.

Sights and Sounds- at about two weeks, your pups eyes and ears will open. Gradually, sights and sounds will start to interest him. We make sure that sounds are a big part of their every day life. In addition to human voices, we play music, they hear vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, alarms, all the typical sounds of a household that they will soon be joining.

As they get older, we introduce them to new experiences as they leave the whelping box for a larger yard. We use a noise therapy CD called "Sounds for Hounds" also.

This is a great website that explains the stages of puppy growth and maturity:

We know that Australian Labradoodles participate in many types of therapy and service work. We choose to provide families with a socialized puppy that will make a great family pet. Should a family want to take a route of therapy/service work for their pup, we feel that this is a great place to start.

At 7 weeks of age, we use an assessment that helps predict personality you can read about it here. 

While we think this testing is valuable, it is only a tool, to be used along with our assessment /opinion since we have been around the pups since they took their first breath. We give you our opinion, but ultimately the choice for pup is up to you.