Breeder Code of Ethics

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America

 Lucky Country Labradoodles is a member breeder of The Australian Labradoodle Club of America. The ALCA mission statement reads: "Furthering the interest of The Australian Labradoodle in America"To that end, we strictly adhere to The Breeder Code of Ethics as described   here


Labradoodles are tremendously popular these days. While we understand why, we must also do what ever is needed to protect the interests of our dogs and our association. All breeders are not created equal! Puppy mills do exist, and abuses happen to our breed as well. When you start your search for a puppy, please be sure and do your research! These are basic questions that any reputable business will be able to provide:

1. Where are the dogs kept? Who are the parents? Do you have pedigrees and health testing on the parents for me to see? What are your rules regarding visiting?

2.What sales contracts and health guarantees do you have?

3. Do I need to complete an application? What is the process ?

4. Do you have references from other buyers or perhaps other breeders?

If a breeder is hesitant to answer any of these basic questions, reconsider the breeder. What ever you do, please don't purchase a pup from a broker. These companies never see the pup, where it was raised,or many times who even raised it. Do not buy a pup based on cost. Proper testing, screening checkups, vaccines, and training to name a few things, comes with a cost. If corners are cut, it is the buyer that will ultimately pay the price.While there are no clear cut guarantees that when buying a dog there will be no problems, it only makes sense to do your research and buy from someone that is willing to give lifetime support, and has taken advantage of all of the medical advances and screening for the benefit of the breed. The life expectancy of your dog is approximately 12 years.  You want to make sure that you trust who is providing  you with your new family member, but verify that every precaution has been taken to produce a sound healthy pup that will live a long life. There are many articles out there that lend guidance in your search. Check this one out.