The Lucky Country Guardian Program

The Best We Have

The Guardian Program gives families the option of getting the "pick of the litter" every time. While ownership and breeding rights belong exclusively to Lucky Country for the term of the agreement, at the end of the dogs breeding career, he or she is retired, and becomes your family pet. 


The first step is to complete an application. Contact us! We love to talk, "Dood"

Future Guardian Placements

Standard Caramel Girl/ Placed in Raleigh

Our Lucky Country's Spice Girl, Ginger, has gone to live with her guardian home in Raleigh. Her big sister, Pepper who is also an Australian Labradoodle, will be showing her how to behave like a proper Dood! She has two human siblings too! Next year we will start her health testing . She is a delightful little girl, who is going to be a great pet for her family, and after passing her health testing, will be able to produce pups that are as nice as her. 

Large Standard Male

Mr. Purple Collar is living with us, until going to a home with another breeder to join their program. While he will have Lucky Country in his name, he will not be available for a guardian home. We do expect great pups from him in the future, pending excellent health testing results. 

Tampa Bay's Caramel Delight

Our little girl from Tampa Bay Labradoodles,  will be coming home the middle of June. We will be placing her in a guardian home to live as a beloved pet. After passing health testing, she will return to us to have pups that will be miniature in size, about 20 pounds. We are very excited to see this "little bit"! If you would like to know more about this girl, we would love to hear from you!