The Lucky Country Guardian Program

The Best We Have

The Guardian Program gives families the option of getting the "pick of the litter" every time. While ownership and breeding rights belong exclusively to Lucky Country for the term of the agreement, at the end of the dogs breeding career, he or she is retired, and becomes your family pet. 


The first step is to complete an application. Contact us! We love to talk, "Dood"

Future Guardian Placements

Standard Caramel Ice Girl

Standard Australian Labradoodle Puppy Guardian Program

Our Lucky Country Scouts Honor, AKA Harper, will have pups in 2020. We will be looking for the perfect girl that will carry on her Grandmothers legacy, our Phoebe, Lucky Country Chosen One, Phoebe is retired, and living with us as the Queen Lucky dood.  While we have not selected a stud if you want a big girl, this will be your chance.

Chocolate Parti Standard Female


We will keeping a girl from our current litter. She will be ready to go home around Halloween.  This will be a special little girl who will introduce beautiful parti markings in our signature standard size.  This little girl will be a real looker, guaranteed. 

Medium Chocolate Female


Lucky Country Gabrielle Chanel, AKA Coco, will have her first litter of pups this fall. These will be rare, in that the dark chocolate fleece coat will hopefully stay that lucious dark color into adulthood. Coco is possibly the best representation of a true chocolate fleece, which we are known for.  If you are interested in a slightly smaller girl than we normally have, then this may be your opportunity.