Chicago's Inspiration

 Maya, the sweet girl who started us on this journey. I think I could dedicate this entire site to her. She is one in a million. So gentle, so patient, confident, she is the perfect representation of the Australian Labradoodle in type and temperament. Thank you Mark and Karen from Tampa Bay Labradoodles for this special angel. Maya lives with us and is enjoying the well deserved position of number one pampered pet.  You will see her in many dogs in many different breeders programs. She has made her mark on this breed. We love you Maya!!!!



ALAA# 008751

Size: Standard 24" 72 lbs.

Color: Chocolate

Coat: Fleece


Tampa Bay's Lucy

 Lucy is, compared to our other Lucky Doods, small in stature, but she more than makes up for it in spunk and personality. She is the consummate "people dog", preferring to sit next to her favorite human over a romp with her buddies. Lucy came to our home as a pet, but we credit her for starting our love affair with these dogs. Sweet little Lucy, we love you so! 


RETIRED Lucky Country's Royal Charlotte

 Charlie is a perfect clone of her mother, Macchi, and her Grandmother, Maya. She is such a bright, happy go lucky girl that loves being in the center of it all. Earlier this year, Charlie earned her Canine Good Citizen Award, which is the first step toward therapy work that her Guardian owners are considering after her career with Lucky Country is finished. At 65 pounds, her size makes her a perfect representation of a standard sized Australian Labradoodle. She has one of the nicest  dark chocolate fleece coats we have seen.  Of all color requests, chocolate is our number one. If you want a "Chewbacca" then this is your girl!  Charlie will be having her last litter with us this spring, and then going home to live with her family that loves her to the moon and back. Sweet Charlie, you deserve to be pampered and loved as I know you will be!!!


ALCA: 168-01112015-003-LB1

Weight: 65 lbs

Height: 22 inches

Penn Hip 90th %  DI L .37 R .35

OFA: Fair

Cerf: Clear

PRAprcd: Clear

EIC: Clear

DM: Clear 

Cardiac: Normal

Coat Color Genotype: bbEE


Lucky Country's Chosen One

Phoebe is quite possibly the best dog we have ever had. While we think all of God's creatures, great and small, are special, there truly is something about this girl.  Probably one of the largest female Australian Labradoodles I have seen, her stature can only be matched by the size of her personality. She is our daughter's best bud, following her everywhere she goes. She is the total package! Phoebe has had four pups that are going to carry on her legacy. Lucky Country's Scouts Honor,  Harper, just had her first litter, and they are everything that we had hoped!


ALCA: 168-01112015-003-LB2

Height: 24"

Weight 80 LB

Penn Hip: >90% R:.33 L.33

OFA Hip: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

CERF: Normal


PRAprcd: Clear

DM: clear

Color: bbee