Announcing our first litter of 2019!

Lucky Country's Scout's Honor and County Fair's Guinness

Standard Size Australian Labradoodles Puppies from Lucky Country Labradoodles in North Carolina


Harper delivered 8 beautiful pups! We have  5 females, and 3 males. All are beautiful fleece coated pups, with our first black pups! If you have never seen a black labradoodle, you are in for a treat. Many list this color, after seeing them as their top choice. In addition to black, we have four pups that are in the cream color family- one very light, one an apricot, one a dusty apricot, and one light red. All will have black noses and paw pads when they mature.  The pups from this litter will be sought after full standard in size, 60 pounds at maturity.  If you are in the Raleigh area, we are looking for a guardian home for Mr. Green Collar, who will be retained for our Guardian Program. We have two openings, for Miss Red and Miss Brown collar. If you are interested in knowing more, completing our puppy matching form is the first step!  

Puppy Matching Application
Standard Phantom Australian Labradoodle in North Carolina
Cream Standard Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle from Lucky Country Labradoodles in North Car

Little Doods

Giving Puppies their best start


All Lucky Country pups are born and raised in a home environment. What this means to you as a new puppy parent, is that by the time they are ready to come to your home they will be comfortable with sounds and activities that are everyday occurrences  in a typical household... Hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, televisions, music, children, door bells, etc. Great care is taken to make sure that every experience during their time with us is positive. Crate and potty training as well as a beginning with leash manners training will have started.  We also believe that puppies still learn from their elders, the adult dogs in the home. Mothers naturally will start to wean their puppies, and by around 6 weeks of age, they are not dependent on their mothers for nourishment at all. However, it is during this time that valuable discipline and interaction still goes on between the mother and the pup. We choose to keep mothers here for the entire 8-9 weeks that the pups are with us. We prefer to let the mother decide when her job is finished. 

Puppies are placed at 8-9 weeks of age, and will come with the following:

1) Full age appropriate vaccines/ Following age guidelines set by the AVMA

2) Full examination from our veterinarian

3) Spay/neuter or Ovary Sparing Spay/vasectomy -pet owners choice

4) Supply of food that puppy has been eating/ we believe in feeding a quality kibble along with a fresh food diet to give pups their best possible start. 

5) Blanket/toy with litter mates scent

6) Thirty Day complimentary health insurance by Trupanion

7) Two year health guarantee for inherited disease that affects the quality of life of the dog.

​8) Pedigree and papers to register pet with Australian Labradoodle Club of America. (optional)





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