Lucky Country's Chosen One

Phoebe is quite possibly the best dog we have ever had. While we think all of God's creatures, great and small, are special, there truly is something about this girl.  Probably one of the largest female Australian Labradoodles I have seen, her stature can only be matched by the size of her personality. She is our daughters best bud, following her everywhere she goes. She is the total package! Phoebe has had four pups that are going to carry on her legacy. Lucky Country's Scouts Honor,  Harper, just had her first litter, and they are everything that we had hoped!


ALCA: 168-01112015-003-LB2

Height: 24"

Weight 80 LB

Penn Hip: >90% R:.33 L.33

OFA Hip: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

CERF: Normal


PRAprcd: Clear

DM: clear

Color: bbee

Phoebe's Health Testing

We feel it is important to provide copies of our health testing documents on all of our breeding dogs. If you would like more information on anything, please feel free to contact us. 


Lucky Country's Scout's Honor

Harper is the daughter of Phoebe and Berkshire Hills Casanova, living with Calypso Breeze Labradoodles. She has completed her health testing, and has passed with flying colors! Very people focused, with a direct gaze that she uses to tell you just how smart this girl is! Her coat is a beautiful cream fleece that has tips of caramel that she got from her father... Harper just had her first litter of pups, and they are GORGEOUS. Click on the link below to see them. 

Harpers Puppies

DOB: 11-18-18

Size: Standard

Height: 22"

Weight: 58 lbs

Color: Cream

Coat: Fleece

DNA Color: bbee

ALCA: 168-11172016-005-LB1 

CERF: Clear

OFA Cardiac: Normal

Penn Hip: DI: L- 0.14 R-0.22

OFA Hips:Good

OFA Elbows:Normal

OFA Patellas: Normal

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Paw Prints Panel: Clear


Lucky Country's Gabrielle Chanel

Coco lives with a guardian family that best describes her as "always happy" She is the daughter of our Charlie and Southern Charm's Captain America. Coco has passed all of her health testing and will have her first litter of pups later in the summer. We will be selecting a boy that is similar in size to Coco, and will be a dark chocolate- for another Lucky Country box of chocolates! 

Apply for one of Coco's pups


Lucky Country's Spice Girl


Ginger is the daughter of our Phoebe, and Big Rocks Winchester. She has a beautiful fleece coat that is a light shade of caramel, and amazing hazel colored eyes. At 5 months of age currently, she is going to be one of our larger girls. Ginger will start her health testing when she is a year old, and will have pups for us in  2020. She is a beauty!!!!


Gingers Health Testing

Files coming soon.


Lucky Country's Tiger Lily

Lily is the daughter of our Phoebe and Lewis Manor's The Father, Odin. We have waited a long time for this girl, and the minute she was born, we knew she would be living with us. At 5 months of age, she is maturing in temperament and structure that is everything we have hoped for. We love our resident redhead! Lily has completed phase one of her testing- her eyes, and will get the rest of it completed when she is a year old. Lily will start her breeding career in 2020. 

Lily's Health Testing

Files coming soon.