Guardian Home F.A.Q.'s

The Lucky Dood Annex!


1. How far away can I live?

While every situation is different, a good rule of thumb is no more than 40 miles from the Raleigh Durham airport.​​

2. What do puppies cost?

While we do not charge for our pups, it is required that you have the financial ability to care for this dog and to keep it safe.  Pups are placed in homes that we feel can afford to take the same care of the dog that we would if the dog were to stay with us. This involves regular vet care, it involves feeding a high quality diet, it involves purchasing health insurance for the dog through Trupanion.  We  will pay a performance salary for each litter born to a female and each litter a male has sired. We have a contract that you will be required to sign that acknowledges your responsibilities and ownership rights while in the guardian home program.

3. What am I responsible for care wise?

All costs associated with responsible pet ownership are to be covered by the guardian home.

We require that you insure your dog through Trupanion Pet Insurance, and show proof of payment each month.  There are parameters regarding care that are to be followed that are in the best interests of the dog. Any breeding related costs/tests/treatments are covered by Lucky Country Labradoodles. We prefer a home where there is someone home with the dog most of the time, that you have a fenced in yard that is secure, or that you are willing to keep your dog on leashed for exercise times.

4. What if our family moves?

We must know where Guardian Families are keeping our dogs at all times. If you are moving within our guardian area of 60 miles, we must know your physical location. If your move is outside of our Guardian area, arrangements must be made to accommodate the guardian agreement.  Each situation is reviewed and considered. Our goal is to maintain a family unit that includes your guardian puppy. 

​5. Can I have other dogs in addition to my Lucky Dood? 

Yes, but absolutely no other intact dog of the opposite sex can reside in your home while a dog in our breeding program is living with you. You must always protect the dog from other dogs to avoid injury.

6. What if my dog can't have pups?

We health test all of our dogs to insure they do not carry for inherited diseases that could be passed on . We test to the very highest standards in our industry.  Dogs that are placed in our guardian program are what we consider to be the "pick of the litter". Even after testing, there are pups that we decide to not keep for our program. If this is the case with your pup, he/she will be spayed/neutered at Lucky Country's expense and ownership will be signed over to you. At this time, the dog will be your family pet. The Lucky Country Health Warranty will be extended to you as a pet family. 

Females in our program will have three litters, coming to our home approximately one week prior to  her due date. She will stay with us until she has decided to wean her pups, which is usually around 6-7 weeks of age. She is usually retired from our program by the time she is 4 years old.  

Males are not away from your home as long as a female, however, they are in the guardian program for a longer period.  A boy will possibly have an overnight with us on occasion.

Guardian Home F.A.Q's

If you think you would like to participate in this program, give us a holler!