Coming in February 2020

Ginger and Tucker have Honeymooned!

Ginger and Tucker, after pregnancy confirmation, will have a litter of standard sized Multigen Australian Labradoodles, in what we predict to be a large variety of colors and patterns. We expect chocolat and black parti, much like Dad, and solid chocolate and black pups as well, There is even an outside chance of a cream pup too!

Standard Sized Australian Labradoodle
Standard Sized Australian Labradoodle

Other 2020 Planned Litters


Lucky Country Scouts Honor and "Mr. Right"

Harper will have her second litter in the winter of 2020. We are researching pairings now, our goal is to find a guy that is similar in size and has that sweet temperament that this girl does. From a color standpoint, we will most likely pups in the lighter color range, around 55-60 pounds. Stay tuned as we whittle down our choices! EST: Delivery- Summer 2020


Tampa Bay's Caramel Delight "Gracie"

Gracie is a year old, and after completing the final portion of her health testing successfully, will have her first litter with us. Gracie will be bred with a boy similar is size and looks, for miniature pups in the 20-25 pound range. Colors in the caramel family expected. EST Delivery: Fall 2020


Lucky Country Gabrielle Chanel " Coco"

Coco's first litter of pups was absolutely amazing. For her second litter, our plan is to pair her with another all chocolate boy that is similar in size. for chocolate pups,  with possibly a black coat or two. Pups will be in the 45-55 pound range, and we would love to clone Coco's happy temperament!    EST Delivery Fall 2020